Welcome to 4 NTWRKS MCR! #DSMMCM1819


dsmmcm1819 home

Here is where you can find out what we’re really about;

Our #DSMMCM1819 Values

Always be truthful: We believe that even though the truth hurts, it is worth more than a pretty little lie. And that success lies within a truthful approach.

Always be equal: We stand for everyone getting what they deserve. We are the non-judging breakfast club and we will always be supportive of our team and our client.

Always be there: Communication is a 24hr line of work, we not only understand this but live by it. We are 100% committed to making 4 NTWRKS MCR thrive. Go #DSMMCM1819!

Our Mission

To provide marketing communications counsel and strategic communications services which enable our client to build strong relationships, and to influence attitudes and behaviours in a global digital environment. How you may ask…

  • By integrating knowledge of practices and industries learnt in academia
  • Combined with our creativity, encouraged and supported by university life

Our Vision

To work well as a team, build a great working relationship with our client and gain a better understanding of digital and social media marketing management

4NTWRKS MCR was created for the #DSMMCM1819 unit for a final year project at The Manchester Metropolitan University, here is our story and an in-depth look at our creative, diverse team.

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