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I know what you younger generations are thinking, “Facebook? It’s the social media your mum uses to post about how much of a proud parent she is… not exactly the place for marketing your business!” I thought this too, until I dived deeper into the world of Facebook marketing…

Facebook has 1.59 billion daily active users each month, other platforms used by businesses such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn don’t even come close! In the UK, Facebook is used multiple times a day by 50% of its users. It is estimated that by 2022, the UK digital advertising market will be worth over £18 million, with Facebook taking up a huge portion of that expenditure. daily-active-users-social-media-facebook-instagram-twitter-pinterest-graphWith all that data in mind, here is why your business should jump on the Facebook Marketing trend NOW, before it is too late…

  • Reach. As mentioned before, there are 1.59 million daily active users and as a result your reach could potentially be huge! The ability to like and share allows you to achieve multi-level marketing, so it won’t be just that person able to receive updates… all their friends can too.
  • Flexibility. Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, Facebook has it all. It is a low-cost marketing strategy for smaller businesses who may not have the funds to set up a dedicated website, consequently Facebook is free to set-up and the access it provides to target audiences can easily be converted to potential customers. But Facebook also allows for sponsored content, they are easy to implement and the intuitive design is user-friendly for first-timers
  • Shift towards image/video content. In recent years, there has been a push to more visual content. Two thirds of social media users in the UK like this style of content. It’s a no-brainer, produce quality visual content with the reach that Facebook can have, and it could result in great engagement for your business!

As with all aspects of life, there are risks considering;

  • Trust. Because of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, trust amongst users of all age groups has hit a low, if users no longer trust the platform and stop using it therefore, will they get to see your business content?
  • Alternatives. Twitter and LinkedIn can trump Facebook when it comes to paid advertising. LinkedIn can act as an online resume for potential customers who are interested in knowing more detail than a static ‘about’ page.
  • Not suitable. Ultimately, you may be in an industry where Facebook isn’t the right kind of platform for marketing your business or your target audience may not be on Facebook either.

At the end of the day business folks, Facebook Marketing can be very effective if done right but the decision to do it should not be taken lightly!

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Facebook Marketing for business. Keep an eye on our social media and #dsmmcm1819 for an insight into what each member thinks of the platform and stay around for guides on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in the coming weeks!


Graph: Data taken from The Drum, 2016

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