The man behind Tesla

We hope you got the information you needed from our dsmmcm1819 blog post yesterday. This Thursday, however, we decided to tell you a little bit more about the innovator behind Tesla and SpaceXElon Musk himself. Continue reading “The man behind Tesla”


Starman and The Tesla Roadster

Here is another dose of Tesla that you have all been waiting for, let’s take a closer look at one of the key PR Stunts Musk and Co. have pulled off in recent years!

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A love letter to our personal influencers

Everybody has someone who motivates, inspires or drives them to do the things exactly the way they do it. As this week is coming to an end, we would like to cherish four famous individuals that are special to us in some way or another and helps us staying focussed in university and #dsmmcm1819. Continue reading “A love letter to our personal influencers”