The Mother Of All AI Projects

One cannot talk about artificial intelligence without mentioning one of the most anticipated gadgets in the future or “the mother of all AI projects”, as Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook declared: self-driving vehicles. Tesla, Google and Apple are already working on it. Here are the most important facts you need to know. Continue reading “The Mother Of All AI Projects”


When campaigns backfire…

Last week’s dsmmcm1819 content was our most innovative yet, with us dedicating it entirely on Tesla and Elon Musk! We really hope you enjoyed our technology theme (we certainly did!). Now… let’s see what this week holds for you… Continue reading “When campaigns backfire…”

What does the Tesla future hold?

As a Team, we could talk about Tesla for months, the brand and Elon Musk come up on our daily conversations. But this is the last exclusive post for the time being for dsmmmcm1819, and it is about the future of Tesla.

Continue reading “What does the Tesla future hold?”

The man behind Tesla

We hope you got the information you needed from our dsmmcm1819 blog post yesterday. This Thursday, however, we decided to tell you a little bit more about the innovator behind Tesla and SpaceXElon Musk himself. Continue reading “The man behind Tesla”